eToro Crypto Margin Exchange Review

When you stop and think of high profile places to trade crypto, there are few more famous than eToro. As a company, eToro have become incredibly famous. They have got their name out there and raised their profile by offering innovative tech, high profile sponsorships, and generally have been very adept at putting their name on the map.

If you’re looking to execute a wide variety of trades, and aren’t looking to leverage your crypto trades, then eToro is an exchange you should definitely check out in more detail.

But is eToro a good choice for your crypto trading activities? Does the high profile of eToro equate to high levels of performance, or are you better off choosing a less well-known, but perhaps better suited crypto margin trading exchange?

If you’re looking for all the essential information you need to know about eToro, you’re in the right place! Today’s guide will cover all your key concerns and questions about eToro to help you decide whether it’s the right crypto margin trading exchange for your needs.

Read on to discover:

  • Sign Up. Is it easy to get started with eToro? Any common complaints you need to be aware of before signing up and creating your trading account?
  • Use. Is the eToro interface attractive and easy to understand? Does it give you all the vital information you need?
  • Trading Types. There are a wealth of different trading platforms out there, and they all offer different types of trade. What types of trade can you perform on eToro?
  • Coins. The days of only a few cryptocurrencies are long gone. There are hundreds now. If you’re looking to trade a particular type of crypto on eToro, read on to discover if this is possible or not.
  • Support. If something goes wrong, have eToro got your back? Is it easy and convenient to get in touch with their customer support, or could they make improvements in this area?

Ultimately, your choice of crypto trading exchange isn’t something you should rush into. There are a wide range of different options out there, and it’s worth taking the time to find something that is a good fit for your needs.

So, let’s check out exactly what it’s like to trade crypto on eToro!

How Do I Sign Up To eToro?

For many crypto traders, the first experience they have with a trading platform directly is when they take the decision to create a new account.

Having a smooth experience when creating a new account can help set the tone for the wider trading experience to come. You want to have a quick, easy, and understandable process when setting up your eToro account for the first time.

So what are the stages you go through when creating a new account with eToro?

  1. Basic Info. Like all crypto trading platforms, you need to enter basic personal info, such as your name and email address.
  2. Proof of ID. You need to have a document which proves your identity, such as a passport or other form of photo ID with an official status.
  3. Proof of Address. You also need to prove your address. Users in certain countries, such as USA, are not permitted to create accounts with eToro.
  4. Selfie. To ensure you are who you say you are, you need to send eToro a selfie holding your proof of id document.

Although the sign up and verification process is a little more complex than found with some other providers, it’s well worth it. It shows that eToro take security and account creation seriously, cutting down on the likelihood of fraudulent or malicious users being able to use the service.

So now that you know how to create an account for the first time, how do you actually get started making trades on eToro?

How Do I Use eToro?

One of the key philosophies behind eToro is making trading accessible and understandable for everyone. Because of this guiding principle, a key part of the eToro experience is making trading simple and something that everyone can do.

So how exactly do you make trades on eToro? Is it as easy as promised, or will you end up more confused than expected?

Thankfully, eToro offers several different ways to buy and sell assets on their platform. No matter whether you’re using the desktop service, or one of the mobile apps, you can trade in any or all of the following ways:

  • Buy/Sell. The basic form of trading on eToro is very straightforward. You are shown info about a particular asset, such as Litecoin. You will see the buy and sell values, as well as a small graph showing the trend in the asset’s value. This is a simple and easy way to execute basic trades using eToro, and is easily understandable by even the newcomer trader.
  • CopyPortfolios. If you want to have a balanced portfolio, or one which is focused on a particular sector, eToro makes it possible with CopyPortfolios. These are basically preselected and rebalanced portfolios around a particular theme or concept. They make it easy for new traders to put together a portfolio without needing to have specialist knowledge about asset types.
  • Top Trader Portfolios. One of the key things that sets eToro apart from other trading platforms out there is its social network aspect. With eToro, you can see what other traders are doing, and learn from their trades. With top trader portfolios, you can easily make the same investments as some of the top performing traders on the platform, without having to have accumulated the same level of knowledge of them.

eToro really stands out from other exchanges out there thanks to the wide range of different ways you can trade on the platform. No matter whether you have a good background knowledge in the world of crypto trading, or you are looking to make your first trades, it’s easy and possible with eToro.

What Type Of Fees Are Charged By eToro?

Aside from the types of trade you can carry out, another key factor when choosing a place to make your crypto trades is the range and amount of fees charged by the platform.

After all, a key component of the profit you make is remembering to deduct the fees that the platform charges. Often, the seeming level of profit you will receive won’t be the actual amount, as various fees come into play.

If you’re concerned about the type and level of fees charged by eToro, read on. We’ve gathered together the information you need to know about the eToro fees so you can accurately judge how much of your earnings you will be able to keep when all is said and done:

  • No opening fees. A lot of exchanges make money by charging a fee when you first open a crypto position. This isn’t the case with eToro. You won’t pay an opening fee.
  • Spread. Instead, eToro makes its money by charging a percentage amount of the spread. This ranges from 1.5%, in the case of crypto assets such as Bitcoin, through to 5%, for other crypto assets such as Stellar.
  • Selling fees. You will also pay a fixed amount when selling a crypto asset on eToro. This is usually a small fraction of a percentage of the coin in question.

The fees charged by eToro aren’t the cheapest out there, but they aren’t prohibitively expensive either. For many traders, the fees are well worth it to trade on a platform with such an innovative and solid track record as eToro.

Now that you know how much it will cost you to use eToro, let’s delve deeper into the logistics of using the platform.

How Do I Deposit and Withdraw To My eToro Account?

For many traders, the ability to easily and conveniently deposit and withdraw funds into their trading account is a key factor in which exchange they stick with. So what are the options when it comes to eToro? Are you required to deposit only in crypto, as is the case on many other exchanges, or are there a wider range of ways you can add funds into your eToro trading account?

  • Wire and Bank Transfer. Want to deposit directly from a bank account into your eToro account? It’s possible! This is an advantage over many other exchanges, that only allow the deposit of Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Visa and Mastercard. For many people, the quickest and easiest way to get funds into your eToro account is through a card deposit.
  • Paypal, Skrill etc. Are you a fan of online digital wallets such as Paypal? eToro supports them for both deposit and withdrawal.

Overall, the range of deposit methods available for use with eToro is way wider than many other crypto trading platforms out there. No matter what your preference is, eToro probably supports it.

This makes eToro a great choice if you are just starting out on your crypto trading voyage. A lot of other platforms require you to deposit funds in the form of Bitcoin to get started. That isn’t the case with eToro.

Which Currencies Are Supported By eToro?

Of course, it’s all well and good that eToro is easy to deposit into, and offers a range of different ways to trade crypto using the platform. But does it offer the type of trading options you need?

Every trader has a different set of requirements when it comes to crypto trading. Some traders need a really wide range of different coins, while others are content to make money investing in the main, most famous options.

So what does eToro offer? What types of crypto can you trade on this particular platform?

In addition to buying the crypto coins as their own assets, eToro offers an extensive range of pairings with other currencies. The platform is also a lot more than just crypto. You can buy stocks and other types of non-crypto asset as well.

Can I Carry Out Leveraged Crypto Trading With eToro?

Leveraged trading is a form of crypto trading that effectively allows you top invest more than you actually have, by borrowing the difference. This allows you to multiply your profits, but also your losses!

So does eToro offer support for leveraged trading? What are the options if you wish to carry out this type of trading activity on the eToro platform?

  • Location. If you are able to invest in leveraged trades or not depends on your location. For example, traders based in the US cannot carry out leveraged trades on eToro.
  • Amount. The maximum amount of leverage available through eToro is 20x. This isn’t available for all users or all assets.
  • Experience. When you first sign up for an eToro account, you will be asked a series of different questions about your background in trading, and your experience of different financial products. eToro will judge whether you will receive the option to make leveraged trades or not based on your background experience level.

Like all forms of specialised crypto trading, we strongly advise getting a high level of knowledge before carrying out leveraged trades on the eToro platform. It’s possible to make some really great profits with leveraged trades, but you can also risk up losses quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you end up deciding that leveraged trading on eToro is something you’d like to carry out, the 20x leverage offered will be more than enough for most traders. Although higher levels of leverage can be found elsewhere, such as the 100x on BitMEX, 20x is still a very significant level.

How Is The eToro User Interface Organized?

As mentioned earlier, one of the key beliefs behind eToro is making trading accessible for everyone.

Of course, this means that the user interface, and trading environment, found at eToro needs to be clean, clear, and simple while still offering enough detail and complexity to help you make smart, profitable trades.

So what are some of the features of the eToro interface that help it stand out from other crypto trading exchanges out there?

  • Graphical. Unlike many other platforms offering crypto trading, which rely on dense graphs and hard to comprehend lists of acronyms and numbers, the interface found on eToro is more graphical and easy to understand. This might be too simple for hardcore traders, but is a welcome breath of fresh air and good design for most.
  • Simple. In order to make trading something everyone can do, the interface and trading environment found on eToro is relatively simple. If you are used to the more complex interface found on platforms such as BitMEX, this might seem too simple for your needs. However, if you’re new to the world of trading, it’s a lot easier to understand through the simple interface offered by eToro.
  • Social. Whereas most other platforms are basically you, the trader, and all the data offered by the market, eToro adds a third component – all the other traders! eToro stands out from the crowd by having a heavy social component. This both makes trading more fun, and also allows you to learn by watching the moves the best traders make.

In a nutshell, the eToro experience can be summarized as fun, accessible, and social. It definitely brings things to the table which other crypto trading platforms don’t, and is arguably the best place to learn trading out there.

If you’re looking for a dense, complex, advanced place to trade, then eToro might not be for you. However, if you want a clean, clear, user-friendly experience, you could do a lot worse than eToro.

What Safety Features Are In Place At eToro?

Of course, an exchange is only as good as its security. If a company is unable to protect both the funds and data of its users, they are better served elsewhere.

What are some of the key facts you need to know about eToro’s approach to security? Do they take it as seriously as they should do, or should you be wary?

  • Track record. eToro has been in operation for far more years than the vast majority of their rivals. This means they have had a long time to learn lessons and put processes in place that help protect the safety and security of traders using the eToro platform.
  • Verification. The verification process for new users is one of the most stringent out there. This means that you can trade safe in the knowledge that people are who they say they are.
  • Guidelines. eToro are keen to show they take security seriously, so they comply with the guidelines set out by FCA and CySec. The fact that eToro follows external rules and regulations allows you to feel confident that your funds and your info are being protected by some of the true golden rules of the industry.

Ultimately, the fact that eToro have been in successful business for such a long time is testament to their approach to security. Their high-profile also means they are better placed to deal with any issues that crop up than some of their other rivals.

Does eToro Offer Customer Support?

When it comes to essential features you look for in a crypto margin trading exchange, customer service is definitely one of them. After all, time spent waiting around for an answer could potentially be money lost. The quicker you are able to get your query resolved, the quicker you are able to continue trading.

So how does eToro’s approach to customer service stack up? Are the channels available a good choice, and how is the quality of the responses received?

  • Interface. The customer service interface is clean and clear. Some other exchanges have treated their customer service as an afterthought, making it difficult to find and use. This isn’t the case with eToro. It’s super simple and smooth to get the help you need.
  • Online Info. You can also quickly and easily look up almost any topic. This can save you time and help you find the information you need.
  • Physical Locations. Because eToro has been established for such a long time, the company has a physical presence in many different cities and countries. For many new traders, it is reassuring to deal with a company with such as tangible presence in the world.

Overall, the customer service provided by eToro is great. They are a lot more responsive than some other exchanges out there, and the info provided is often more relevant and useful.

eToro Crypto Margin Trading Exchange – Overall Verdict

You now have the full range of information you need to get set up and to start trading on eToro. You know the types of trade you can make, the choice of crypto on offer, the logistics of operating your account, and the way in which eToro will respond to your customer service needs.

But how does all that add up? What’s the overall verdict on eToro as a choice of crypto margin exchange trading platform?

Overall, we can safely say that eToro is an excellent place to trade crypto, particularly for traders looking for the simplest experience out there.

Some of the key reasons to make eToro your choice of crypto trading platform include:

  • Ease. eToro offers the simplest and best user experience out there. It really is a clean and clear place to trade crypto. It’s easy to understand exactly what’s going on at any given time.
  • Social. Do you want to make your crypto trading a little less lonely? The social trading focus found on eToro is a unique experience. You get a real sense of community, are able to effectively learn from the best traders out there, and also get to indulge in your competitive tendencies!
  • Assets. Sometimes, you will be interested in trading a wider range of assets than only crypto. eToro makes it easy to trade stocks, commodities, and other assets, all from the same account type.

If you are a veteran trader, you might find the eToro experience to be a little too simple for your tastes. You might be suited to a more advanced trading platform such as BitMEX.

However, if you’re new to crypto trading, or simply want a fun and refreshing approach to trading, definitely take the time to check out eToro. It’s packed with awesome and fun innovative features, adding up to a top class experience overall.


1. Log into your account and click on "Portfolio".
2. Click on the instrument line you wish to close.
3. In the next window, click on the red X, and select "Close Trade".
4. Your request will be executed during market hours.

eToro does not charge any deposit or trading fees other than spreads. eToro charges a $25 fee for withdrawals and the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. eToro also charges overnight/weekend fees for CFD positions.

1. Choose the asset you are interested in trading on the eToro platform and click TRADE.
2. Select the appropriate tab at the top for Sell (short) or Buy (long) for your trade.
3. Set the amount of capital you wish to invest in this trade.
4. Set your Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters.

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